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eService network for local authorities in Lapland

Sito created an eService network map service for the Regional Council of Lapland. The map service enables the illustrating of current datasets from municipalities or regions on a map and the planning and measuring of changes. The eService network map service is a new addition to the range of products and services at Sito.

A ‘service network’ is any variety of networks of different types and extents. It may be a single-sector network (school, retail) or a consortium of various actors (joint actions, enterprises). The map service provides a visualization of service network information that is based on a geographical information system.

“The local authorities in Lapland had the shared goal of exploring how the social welfare and health care service model could be better adapted to the circumstances of Lapland,” says Sari Kujala, Service Manager. “A broad-based survey was made of the new service network, based on where the residents are located, what their demands and needs for services are and their accessibility,” she says.

Description of the current situation and target state

The map template illustrated regional and municipal parameters, featuring commuting areas, employment, the location of services and service areas, client flows, population analysis by age group, areas with local planning and accessibility of services.

The service network description outlines the current situation as well as the target state. This facilitated a realistic discussion of values among the decision-makers.  “This visualization made the concept easier to understand, and we received a lot of positive feedback for it,” explains Kujala.

Sito was responsible for translating local and regional data on the finances and operations of Lapland’s local authorities from earlier studies into a variety of formats useful for the commissioning party. Sito also identified which information was essential, together with the appointed investigator, and undertook data collection.