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Sito involved in designing the southern parts of Engelinranta

The City of Hämeenlinna organised a partnership competition with the objective of finding ideas to form the basis for the town plan of the southern part of Engelinranta and a partner to construct the area. The City Board has decided on the winner, and the victory went to ”Vanajan kosketus” (“Touch of Vanaja”) by Construction company  Jatke Oy. Sito Oy is one of the members of the winning team. Nine works took part in the competition.

The aim is for the competition area to become an area of sustainable development in accordance with the Engelinranta brand. The competition included the conceptual design for the entire area, the renovation and extension of the existing swimming hall, and energy solutions. The aim is to build rental and owner-occupied housing. The conceptual competition also sought to attract ideas for a landmark building.

Engelinranta is meant to be an ecological district where planning and development are founded on energy-efficient and ecological design and implementation compliant with the principles of sustainable development. The competition also placed great emphasis on how these aspects were highlighted. The aim is for the area to remain at the forefront of sustainable development towards the future.

Partnership zoning is a form of cooperation where the city collaborates with constructors and construction companies already during plan drafting. Project planning for the area takes place in cooperation with the city and the designers from the companies. The companies gain access to the design process while the city retains a steering role.

A realistic and viable proposal

The winning proposal by Jatke Oy is characterised as the combination of a commercial centre, residences and services into a functional and viable entity. Functional connections for pedestrian and bicycle traffic are the main focus in traffic planning. The desired cityscape remains parklike, green and spacious. The City of Hämeenlinna aims for the area to become a showcase for the city.

According to the jury, the proposal by Jatke was all around best, also in terms of financial and technical viability. The jury commended the proposal for being realistic in the landmark building, the renovation and extension of the swimming hall, and energy solutions.

“A lot of emphasis was placed in traffic planning on pedestrian and bicycle traffic, the pleasantness of the environs and safe connections to the city centre. Passing under Paasikiventie, the waterfront promenade continues to the bus station as a pedestrian street. The placement of the parking facilities under courtyard decks was geared towards highlighting the pleasantness of the environment,” says Seppo Karppinen from Sito.

According to the jury the Jatke team was the best and most versatile. The versatility of the design, implementation and operator organisation received specific commendation. Sito employees in the team include Juha Mäkinen and Seppo Karppinen from Traffic Planning, Marja Oittinen from Landscape Planning and Olli Niemi from Geoplanning.

The competition winner will be the city’s zoning partner in the future. Work in the Engelinranta project area will commence within the current year.