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Nokia’s HERE and Sito Start Collaboration

Sito and Nokia’s HERE started a collaboration to utilise Nokia’s map data. Sito is the Finnish retailer for the global HERE maps.

High quality and up to date map data functions as a basis for excellent built environment, traffic, and logistics information services. Nokia’s map data is perfectly suited for these services. Combined with Sito’s expertise in traffic solutions and logistics it creates possibilities for the efficient use of real time traffic information and global road maps.

Detailed Map Data

HERE is based on map and navigation data which Nokia has developed over several years. The highly detailed map data stays current because of its world-wide structural uniformity and because it’s constantly updated by Nokia’s local teams.

A Myriad of Possibilities

Nokia’s map data has several possible uses in public administration, service management, traffic solutions, logistics, and in retail. Applications based on the data can produce advanced solutions for example for infrastructure ownership management.

Cooperation between Nokia and Sito creates possibilities for the development of traffic and logistics services. Comprehensive real time traffic information services and the development of intelligent transport systems require high quality map data.

With the use of precise and up to date map data, a logistics company is able to take into account different variables such as fleet size restrictions, CO2 emissions, dangerous substance transport restrictions, or traffic jams in planning optimized routes. In addition, it can be used for fleet monitoring and distribution optimization. It can also be used for tracking customer movement and deciding the best location for a new business.