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Planning of the new urban centre of Järvenpää proceeds

Sito ja Wise Group ovat mukana suunnittelemassa Järvenpäähän uutta uljasta kaupunkikeskusta.

Image: © L Architects

The construction work of Järvenpää’s new Perhelä Urban Centre will get under way with the demolition of the old buildings during this spring. The next phase will be digging a huge hole. The opening of the new commercial centre is scheduled for the end of 2019.

The architectural design for the Perhelä block is made by L Architects and it will be built by Lujatalo Oy.

Street planning was launched in 2011

Those who have been longing for the renewal of the Järvenpää urban centre, can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as it has been a long wait. There were plans for the development of the urban centre block as early as at the beginning of the 2010s. Sito completed the street plans for the area in 2012, but they have naturally needed some degree of revision, as the plans for the shopping centre have changed.

“The most important change has been the prioritisation of light traffic at the intersection of Mannilantie and Sibeliuksenkatu”, says Tapio Karvonen, Head of Department, Municipal Engineering at Sito, who acts as Project Manager for the road planning of Helsingintie and Mannilantie.

In the new plans, the bus stops on Helsingintie were also changed from curbside stops to bus bays.

The plan remedies the key problem in the current traffic arrangements: the unorganised street space. “It is difficult to know whether the street has two or four lanes, and the current parking arrangements are very vague. According to the new design, featuring a total of three roundabouts, Helsingintie will become a clear boulevard-style street space with trees planted in the middle,” Tapio Karvonen explains.

The pedestrian street “Janne” in the city centre will be revamped both technically and in layout. The revamping will be extended all the way to the Tupala block.

At the same time, Sito has also been working on a transport model for the entire Järvenpää city centre area.

The actual street construction in the new urban centre area will begin in 2018 and it will be completed partly in 2019 and finally in accordance with the completion schedule of the urban centre.

See the video Perhelä of Järvenpää, street environment 2017

Management of transport arrangements during construction

Another Sito employee, Project Manager Tommi Eskelinen, acts as a kind of “a double agent” in the Perhelä project. He is responsible to Lujatalo for the planning of internal traffic and parking within the block, and for ensuring that the traffic to and from the urban centre can be connected to the surrounding street environment as smoothly as possible. And that is not all: in addition, he is responsible to the City of Järvenpää for the transport arrangements during the construction project.

Actually, designs made by Sito will be the first visible sign of the preparatory work for the Perhelä construction project. At the end of spring, cable and line transfers will need to be made on Maunulantie to get them out of the way before the construction begins. The first sign of the project will be a building site on Mannilantie, and in the summer the traffic between Sibeliuksenkatu and Helsingintie will need to be stopped completely.

The parking facilities of the Perhelä Urban Centre will be placed on the centre’s two underground levels. “In addition to providing parking space for cars, the car park will also feature plenty of space for parking bicycles. It will allow parking up to 860 bicycles on two-level stands,” Tommi Eskelinen says.

Innovative and energy efficient

Wise Group is responsible for the HVAC design of the Perhelä Urban Centre. Therefore, the planners at Sito’s Municipal Engineering and Wise Group’s HVAC design have been working in close collaboration with the design of the connections to the municipal infrastructure. Tommi Eskelinen is tasked with acting as an intermediary in the process.

The person in charge of the HVAC design for the Perhelä Urban Centre at WiseGroup is HVAC Planning Manager Sakari Sipola.

In terms of building services solutions, the real estate complex to be built will be quite interesting.

The urban centre will feature 10,300 floor square meters of commercial and office space on two floors encircling the whole block. The residential premises will feature some 450 rental and owner-occupied apartments, totalling 25,000 floor square meters.

“Among the more traditional 6- and 8-floor apartment buildings, the block will also have 15- and 25-floor tower houses, with ‘penthouse’ style apartments on top,” Sakari Sipola elaborates.

LEED environmental certification will be applied for Perhelä. In building services solutions, the certification criteria affects such features as energy and water consumption.

The new urban centre is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. The waste heat from the heating of the building will be utilised for heating purposes.

“In winter, the car park will be kept half-warm. The heat from the exhaust air of the car park will be recovered with the help of heat pumps and used for heating the building. The condensing heat generated by the refrigeration systems of shops and restaurants and the cooling system will also be utilised,” Sakari Sipola says.

The complementary heating energy is provided by district heating.

The apartment towers will feature an apartment-specific cooling to be implemented via the ventilation system, with the help of the cooling radiator of the supply air machine. The highest parts of the buildings will also be equipped with automatic shutdown.

The apartment buildings will be completed gradually. The whole Perhelä complex should be completed by the end of 2021.

Text: Dakota Lavento

The commercial premises of the Perhelä shopping centre will be seamlessly connected to the pedestrian street Janne. The inner courtyard of the urban centre is available for events and pop-up activities year round. Photo: L Architects