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European Space Agency financing for the WONDER-project of SITO and the Finnish Environment Institute

The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded financing to SITO and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) for the development of an innovative watercourse monitoring system. The service being developed utilises new, accurate data provided by the Sentinel satellite, a positioning system, observations made by citizens with the help of mobile devices and automatic water quality measuring. The system will be implemented for Sito’s LOUHI geospatial data system.

A Sentinel-2 photo taken on 24 April 2017. Original photo ESA, processed by SYKE

The system is particularly well suited for monitoring water turbidity, water colour, dissolved organic matter, chlorophyll-a concentration and blue-green algal blooms. The objective is to develop a service intended for international markets to replace and supplement the traditional methods based on taking and analysing water samples. The service provides information about water quality at shorter intervals, and with increased ease and cost-efficiency.

The service is being developed in collaboration with companies and organisations, which have water quality observation obligations based on water and environmental permits. The authorities that prepare permit decisions and supervise the permits will also be invited to join the development work, as well as NGOs interested in water quality.

Workshops will be arranged to develop the WONDER service, allowing the parties involved to discuss what kind of characteristics the system should have to best meet the water quality monitoring and quality reporting needs that companies have.

If you want more information about the WONDER project, please contact:

Sanna Vaalgamaa, Project Manager, SITO, +358 20 747 7432, sanna.vaalgamaa@sito.fi
Timo Pyhälahti, Senior Advisor, SYKE, +358 295 251 527, timo.pyhalahti@syke.fi

SYKE – Finnish Environment Institute

WONDER – Water quality monitoring service based ON space asset provided Data, crowd sourcing, Environmental modelling and Reporting

ESA – Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) Programme