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A great Finnish company was born

Sito and Wise Group have merged and our new name is SITOWISE. Sitowise is an expert company in housing and infrastructure construction with 1,100 employees. We provide our customers with all planning, design, expert and digital services for construction projects under one roof.

Sitowise has now taken its first steps and is fast picking up speed. In addition to a new name, we also have a new visual image.

‚ÄčIn our visual image, we have been looking for colourfulness, freshness, and distinction from the traditional image associated with an engineering office. Our new brand colour is fresh green, with hints of yellow, turquoise, darker spruce green and pink.

The Sitowise logo is energetically green, and it tells a story about two equally strong parties joining their forces. The round idiom differs from that used by our competitors and from the conventional engineering office image. In the broken letter W, Sito and Wise shake hands to celebrate their merger. The logo typography is unique and tailored for Sitowise.