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Sito accelerates to the lead of city modelling

The EUE project crystallized the business model and created foundations for smart data model management, speeding up the launch of digital services with high export potential.

What was the EUE project all about?

The four-year EUE (Energizing Urban Ecosystems) research project, coordinated by RYM Oy, brought together the research institutes and companies in Espoo to develop new concepts for city development. Sito made a strong contribution to the project in 2014-2016, studying and piloting in collaboration with the other parties in the consortium the technical platform and data streams for the purpose of data model management, and several exportable service concepts for the various city development processes and interaction within them.

When digitalization of infrastructure construction and city development processes is progressing at a fast rate, a continuously updatable 3D model will constitute the core of data management for built environment. This will become possible at the stage when the key authoritative processes (city planning, construction supervision, construction, maintenance, fire and rescue services, etc.) have been successfully integrated into such a data model, which in its target state can be called a city model.

The EUE project modelled the data and data flows needed by various processes and users, and created a data management solution supporting these. The model management was integrated as part of Sito’s Louhi service, with which, in the future, municipalities, for example, can manage and share the data models of their own projects and other material as part of the Louhi Municipal Server. Accession of city data models as part of the Land Survey of Finland’s national topographic database was also piloted in the project.

New interaction to support city planning

eue-rie-picture-some-wallWhen data management is in order and the latest information is always available, it is sensible to build new applications upon it. In collaboration with the City of Espoo, Elisa and Aalto University Properties Ltd, Sito implemented a ‘social media wall’, where messages from Elisa’s social media wall (Twitter, Facebook, chatrooms) are updated on the 3D city model, implemented by Sito.

The messages are displayed in the 3D model and they attach to various sites and topics. The social media wall can be used during planning, construction and use for the purposes of, for example, enriching interaction during resident events, informing about interim arrangements, detection of problem areas, highlighting of issues needing improvement during use, or foresight of weak signals.

Illumination simulator – a unique export product

An illumination simulator was another breakthrough developed for the City of Espoo and Aalto University Properties Ltd. It enables the use of visual tools operating in real time related to illumination in different city planning projects.

2016_lighting-simulation_city-of-espoo_sito-oy_600x200_The test environment used was the Espoo city model, complemented with the new Väre campus building, environmental plans, and the plan for the Raidejokeri tram line. Additional features, such as IES files and light fixture models from various manufacturers, can also be added to the model. The user can define the distances between the light fixtures, their height, direction of light, and change the light settings. Such functions as smart lighting, energy calculation, and tram traffic simulation have also been included in the model. The application is unique even in global scale, and active marketing for selling it to various European cities has already begun.

For further details, see: http://vrs3d.sito.fi

3D City Model Hackathon

Logo_Hackathon_1400x800In October 2015, Sito, Aalto University and the City of Espoo organized a one-weekend ‘3D City Model Hackathon’. The Hackathon connected companies from various sectors and students in various phases of their studies. At first, they were demonstrated how a 3D city model could function as a development platform for various applications and digital services. The objective was that, with the help of the city model and open access to data related to urban environment, fresh ideas could be found for how to exploit them. The event resulted in nine concrete application proposals for the Otaniemi area, which gave rise to further development, such as the social media wall. By means of simulating an open development platform, the event showed what different actors (the public sector, companies and students) can achieve by joining their forces. Hackathon in itself is an export product that Sito and its partners are already actively marketing to several European countries.

Video and information about Hackathon: https://www.youtube.com and www.3dcitymodelhackathon.com

Increased readiness needed – at all levels

To ensure the emergence of more success stories like the ones described above and the harnessing of data modelling to practical everyday use, readiness and understanding must be increased at all levels of society. For this reason, Sito has developed a Sito Academy, and training offering to clients. More information on both will be provided during the theme day “Best practices of infrastructure data modelling” on 1 September. Welcome to the event to hear more about and discuss the subject with us.

Sito’s mission is to offer a comprehensive data management; data model coordination; and initial data, combination and demonstration models for infrastructure and city development projects, and to develop the processes of cities and infrastructure owners so as to make them substantially more efficient by intensive application of data models. We will continue the productizing of the EUE development project results, and we will launch even more new services by the end of 2016. We are on our way towards extensive digitalization of infrastructure and city development – and we want to be strongly involved in this process with our clients!


For further information, please contact:
Kari Tuukkanen, Jarkko Männistö


Video about the EUE project results: https://youtu.be/z-Lz6EgCjrc (5 min)

Trailer of the video: https://youtu.be/rB1r3LLaoFY (45 sec)

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