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Offering of mining services wrapped up

SITO has in-depth knowledge of mining operations and processes, alongside expertise in project management and implementation. Wherever specialist skills in the extractive industry are needed, SITO can provide the required expertise.

The Finnish extractive industry has good prospects in the future, especially as its full potential remains still unexplored. The Finnish bedrock contains a great number of undiscovered ores, and new uses are discovered all the time for minerals whose exploitation was previously beyond all imagination, because of their relatively low concentration ratio.

On a global scale, deposits of rare earth metals, for example, are being explored with increasing intensity. Such high-tech metals are used in environmentally friendly technology solutions, such as hybrid cars, wind turbines, lasers and radars. Despite the fact that these next generation metals are needed in only minimal amounts, they are vital in many respects. In fact, they are considered to be a necessary condition for generating economic growth in the first-world countries. Currently, 95% of rare earth metals are produced in China, but the future may look quite different, because the raw material of high-tech metals can potentially also be extracted from Finnish bedrock.

Lead team of mining services

SITO’s geotechnological lead team is supported by SITO’s entire cadre of specialists whose expertise covers all segments of the extractive industry and any associated issues, comprising environmental impact and noise disbenefit assessments; water treatment; logistics; infrastructural planning: investment optimization, project management services; and utilization of data assets.

Having society and the environment in mind

In view of recent developments, the extractive industry may not always be seen only in a good light in Finland. Tuomas Lukkari also sympathizes with the environmental concerns expressed by many people nowadays. “We will have to learn how to utilize our natural resources in a controlled way that is sustainable in terms of both society and the environment”.

The natural resources of Finland attract international investors, which in turn creates new work opportunities. “The multinational operators need, in particular, local specialist skills and expertise that cannot be imported, but, of course, domestic mining companies also require such expert services.

SITO has an extensive offering of services and new solutions designed to provide support for decision-making, interaction and collaboration, and project implementation. If need be, we will be there throughout the project, all the way from preliminary studies and planning to implementation,” Lukkari says.

“During the first months of the year, we have reviewed our skills and expertise in detail, seeking to establish what we actually want to do and achieve. We have expertise in project management and implementation. We have in-depth knowledge of mining operations and processes. We also know how to schedule project tasks correctly so as to ensure straightforward roll-out and implementation of any given project, while at the same time taking account of the needs of society and the environment”.

Tuomas Lukkari says that the capability to manage the increasingly huge mass of data assets presents a particular challenge. “It is vital to know how the relevant data required for the project can be promptly retrieved and made available so that such data assets remain available throughout the project. All of us at at SITO share a genuine will to promote and assist the extractive industry, and we also have the means to accomplish that”.

Text: Dakota Lavento