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A traffic forecast promotes the development of the Parikkala border crossing point

Under the direction of the Border Guard Department of the Ministry of the Interior, an assessment is under way of the effects and the attendant resource needs arising from the growth of eastbound mobility.

On 5 November 2014, the ministerial working group on Russian affairs decided also to include the temporary Parikkala border crossing point in the scope of the ongoing assessment.

As part of this entity, it was decided to commission a traffic forecast for the Parikkala border crossing point. The starting point set for the work was the opening of Parikkala as a permanent international border crossing point without any traffic restrictions. The work resulted in a traffic forecast for 2020 and 2030, including both freight and passenger traffic. The objective was to prepare an optimally realistic traffic forecast, given the current state of eastbound mobility.

At SITO, Mr Reijo Kukkonen and Mr Mika Tuominen were tasked with the preparation and publication of the traffic forecast.

Ministry of Transport and Communications, Studies and publications, 5/2015
ISBN: 978-952-243-453-1

Published on the lvm.fi site (in finnish)