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All seasons are cycling seasons in Joensuu

Joensuu is a town for walking and cycling. The share of journeys made on foot or by bicycle is larger than the national average, and in 2014, Joensuu was selected the as cycling municipality of the year. Merits that earned this recognition include the determined development of cycling conditions in the town and the ambitious approach to promoting cycling. Over the years, Sito has been involved in several projects concerning the development of cycling opportunities in Joensuu.

Campaign for winter cycling

In spring 2014, Sito and the city of Joensuu kick-started a project entitled The four seasons of cycling in Joensuu aimed at promoting cycling in the town. The project consists of various events such as cycling tours, competitions and theme days. The main event and climax of the project is most likely the campaign for winter cycling, which is already on the home stretch as the spring sun shines on the cyclists and spurs them on.

In the autumn, there was a search for participants who would commit to cycling throughout the winter 2014–2015 and report on their experiences and observations on the snow-covered streets. ”Winter cycling agents” were selected for the campaign to form a group including people trying winter cycling for the first time and winter cycling veterans. All the agents are keen to encourage the people of Joensuu to get to know the cycling routes and have a go at reaching various destinations in Joensuu by bike.

See how the winter cycling agents get on

The winter cycling agents have been sharing their experiences throughout the winter. For instance, reports from the freezing cold days in January cover topics like organic “fake” eyelashes and flying displays, as well as Chinese winter cycling souvenirs.

You can read about experiences and thoughts on winter cycling (in Finnish) on this blog and on Facebook (search for Kävely ja pyöräily nousuun Joensuun seudulla). There is also an article (in Finnish) about the agents on Poljin magazine (2/2015, p.13)