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Sito and Nordplan As to cooperate

In line with its new strategy, Sito is aiming at the international market. Sito has just signed a cooperation agreement with Nordplan As.

This is an extensive cooperation agreement which includes road, bridge, and rail design, among others. This agreement is an important part of our expansion in Norway.

The Norwegian government has launched a major investment program. They are investing ten-fold in infrastructure compared to Finland over the years 2015–2025. We feel that there is a market for our expertise there. In addition, there is a shortage of skilled labor in Norway, especially in these sectors.

“Our partner Nordplan As is a skilled and locally respected consultancy office in Central and Western Norway. Nordplan’s local and customer knowledge combined with Sito’s extensive infrastructure expertise will enable both companies to grow in the Norwegian market,” says Sito’s Deputy Managing Director Kimmo Anttalainen.

“The price level in Norway appears to be quite healthy. We believe this is just the right time to enter the Norwegian market. Both Sito and our experts now have an excellent opportunity to get involved in challenging road, rail, bridge, and tunnel projects. The intention is that we will already offer joint projects this fall,” adds Anttalainen.