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Sito is heavily involved in the development of wind power projects

Sito has responded to the ongoing wind power boom by significantly strengthening its wind power expertise in several areas of planning. We are involved in the planning of ten projects in different parts of Finland. Fifteen of our experts will participate in these projects.

The demand for consumption of energy is strongly on the increase, both in Finland and globally. At the same time, however, efforts should be made to slow down global warming. In Finland, the main factors affecting climate change are the use of fossil fuels to produce electricity, and for and transportation. Renewable energy sources, including wind energy, play a key role in meeting the increasing demand for energy, while achieving climate objectives.

Finland is committed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in order to combat climate change. The Finnish National Climate and Energy Strategy update of 2013 established the objective of increasing the share of electricity produced by wind power to nine terawatt hours (TWh) by 2025. This means increasing production capacity to approximately 3,500 megawatts, or the deployment of 1,000 large wind power plants.

Sito provides its customers with comprehensive expert services for the project development of wind farms. We take care of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedures for the project; the so-called wind power plan for the wind power master plan; visualisations and virtual models; terrain and ground surveys; and geological, road and traffic reports and plans. In addition, we take care of the customer’s applications for building permits and any water or environmental permits, contracting and supervision, as well as decommissioning planning.

“Our currently ongoing projects are mainly large land-based wind farms, the largest of which comprises over a hundred turbines of up to 5 MW on an area of approximately 100 square kilometres,” comments Veli-Markku Uski.